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Divine Proportion


Combination of art and science


State of health, happiness and abundance


About Us

Phi Massage & Well Being Centre, located in Sidney, B.C., is committed to clinical professionalism with a spa-like atmosphere where the practitioners are dedicated to creating experiences that consider all aspects of who we are. The services provided through Phi include Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Holistic Counselling, Bodywork, Somatic Therapy as well as Yoga Classes and a variety of ongoing Workshops and Events that are in alignment with our Mission Statement. 

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to create opportunities that support and encourage well-being for all aspects of our nature. We are committed to providing a balanced approach that is specifically designed to honour each client at every individual visit. By providing the best possible services and care with safety, confidentiality and integrity we intend to assist people to reach their full potential.