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The Owner of Phi Massage & Well-Being Centre, Britta has followed her parents’ passions for contributing to their community. Alongside her private practice, Britta produces events and workshops that are in alignment with her experience and training. All workshops and events held at Phi unless noted otherwise.

Since 2009 Britta has produced regular ongoing workshops and events.
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Gila Golub Level 1 & 2 Workshops
(Britta has assisted in facilitation of these workshops since 2002)

Breathwork Workshops (clients only)

Weekly Circle
Gila Golub Level 1 & 2 participants only


Britta has also been involved with producing:

Agata Burdziuk 2020

Mark Wolynn (2014-2020)

Shadow Energetics with Darryl Gurney 2014

Dr. Gordon Neufeld (2011)

PSYCH-K™ Basic & Advanced 2009-2015

Creatures of Habitat 2009 (co-founder)

The Sidney Health Fair 2006-2011
(co-founder and president of the NGO SIWCS)


Gila Golub Level 1 & 2 Workshops

The next set of Workshops TBA.

Gila Golub Level 1 & 2 are a set of workshops that have the potential to profoundly transform your life, and your legacy.

If you are serious about your interest in signing up, please contact Britta to begin by booking an appointment.

Britta has been involved with producing these Workshops for over 10 years and has witnessed immeasurable transformations in hundreds of clients that have participated.

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These workshops include dynamic teaching and experiential processes which begin the journey from unconsciousness to consciousness, from a fear-based belief system to a love-based belief system. To ensure that each participant is completely supported and facilitated, there is at least one trained team member for every two participants.

Gila Golub Level One – “WHAT’S YOUR WAKE-UP CALL?” – Wake-up calls come in different levels of intensity throughout one’s life. A wake-up call might be an illness or an injury, a car crash, a loss of income or difficulty in relationships. In Level One we focus on the Family of Origin to show how these relationships shape our responses to the wake-up calls we encounter. Using a Clearing Process we learn about the messages that we took on from our environment that continue to run our lives, and then how to release and replace those messages. In keeping with the philosophy that our thoughts create our reality, we learn many ways to change our thoughts so that over time we create a life of peace, prosperity, health and joy. We complete Level One standing together, with like-minded people, and with guidance, continue to support one another.

Gila Golub Level Two – “RELATIONSHIP AS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE”, we explore how we have brought our unresolved Family of Origin issues into all of our current relationships and how we are definitely passing those unresolved issues onto our children. The acclaimed neuroscientist and UCLA professor Dr Daniel Siegel stresses “how a deeper self-understanding can help us raise children who thrive.” We also learn about how our relationships serve as mirrors, showing us those parts of ourselves we have not yet accepted and healed. Dysfunctional relationships are central to human suffering, so repairing and healing relationships, especially the relationship with Self, is the most important part and greatest focus of The Work.

Sidney 2020
FALL SIDNEY LEVEL 1 WORKSHOP: SEPTEMBER 11 – 13, 2020 Registration Open
FALL SIDNEY LEVEL 2 WORKSHOP: OCTOBER 2 – 4, 2020 Registration Open


Currently being offered virtually weekly on Tuesdays (Vancouver) and bi-monthly

Thursdays (Sidney) 

CIRCLE is an ongoing, weekly support group for those who have completed the Level 1 Workshop. These evenings are facilitated by Britta in Sidney and Gila in Vancouver. They provide an opportunity to continue with the processes begun in the workshops and private sessions.

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It is understood that learning a new paradigm, a new way of thinking and living, takes a great deal of practice and support. Circle provides an exceptional opportunity to guide and support each other in remembering, practicing and integrating the tools and information of the material so that they are available moment-by-moment in our daily life, where it really counts. As in the workshops, our Circles are a place of incredible safety. 

There are also regular monthly men’s Circle in Sidney and Vancouver for those men who have completed the introductory workshops. 

Team Training

After participation in Levels 1 & 2, clients are eligible to train to be on the Support Team at workshops. This provides the opportunity to take the Levels 1 & 2 workshops over and over again, and to continue to integrate the material into your life.



Breathwork is an ongoing opportunity to express emotions that have been repressed by accessing a non-ordinary state of consciousness through our breath, evocative music and a safe environment. It is one of the most effective ways to release grief, sorrow, guilt, frustration and transform it to peace, acceptance, innocence and even joy.

Attendance eligibility is based on having a client relationship with Britta to ensure creating a container of safety and ongoing support.

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Family Constellations

With Agata Burdziuk TBA

Family Constellations is a therapeutic approach designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them.

Attendance eligibility is based on having a client relationship with Britta to ensure creating a container of safety and ongoing support.


“I felt doubt initially, as is my usual ‘go-to’ when it comes to trying new things in my life…I joined Level 1& 2 anyway, (and later Level 3)…because my life with a struggling high needs son was more than I could handle—I was floundering, I needed to be more, for my son…the learnings from these group workshops informed me with the knowledge that I found inside myself—I made it ‘my own’…the aftermath offerings of weekly Circle meetings allow me to practice, apply, strengthen, and learn more by being supported by and supporting others in the Circle. Now today I am a much stronger me. I see my son as whole and complete as he is and I witness his budding process through new eyes. He is doing great because I have looked after myself and am flourishing with confidence.
Carolyn McKellar

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