New Protocols

Pre-screening Protocol (Prior to Arrival)

  • At the time of booking, a ‘Thanks for booking‘ email will be sent out with a button to direct you to fill out a one time online Phi COVID-19 Intake Form. If you do not have an account set up yet, you can do so. If you have filled out an Intake Form with us previously, you will be asked to do so again with updated COVID-19 specific screening questions and consents. If you are new as a Counselling client, you will be prompted to fillout the Specific to Counselling Intake Form. This Phi COVID-19 Intake Form must be completed and signed online before arrival to your next appointment.
  • Following this, 24 hours prior to every one of your on-site booked appointments, you will be prompted by our booking system to complete a very brief online COVID-19 Screening Survey. You are required to complete and sign this screening process also and if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 you must advise your therapist and cancel your appointment. Clients will not be charged a late cancellation fee if they cancel due to illness.
  • The therapist will be using the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool daily and commits to cancelling all appointments if symptoms appear.
  • Clients with higher risk profiles and/or weakened immune systems should consider alternatives for care and postpone treatment

Client Arrival Protocol​​

  • Client will arrive no more than 2 minutes before treatment time.
  • Upon arrival client will wait in their car or outside the door (there is a bench close to the entrance of Phi if needed) until your therapist comes to open the door for you.
  • Your therapist will greet client at the door and then lock the clinic door once inside to ensure no walk-ins enter between clients.
  • Therapist will then guide client to wash their hands as per sanitary guidelines (posted by the sink) in the designated washroom or direct you to the hand sanitizing station.
  • At this time the therapist will reassure client that they themselves are COVID-19 symptom-free.
  • Therapist will then ask if they have either brought a mask or need one (you will be given the option of a disposable mask for an additional $2 charge or an eco friendly sanitized cloth mask).
  • Therapist will then provide the laminated COVID-19 Screening, Consent and Liability Waiver that client is required to sign in person. (This form is sanitized after each client.)
    • This document is to be reviewed to answer any questions.
    • As a part of this form, patients must commit to understanding that while we’ve taken all possible measures to minimize the risk of viral transmission, the nature of Therapy means that physical distancing is often not possible in the treatment room. 
    • The therapist and client must agree that the therapeutic benefit of therapy outweighs any potential consequence of treatment, including the possibility of viral transmission.
    • If client would like to go ahead with their treatment, they will sign document with a sanitized marker and this Waiver will be saved to the client’s file.
    • The treatment will be cancelled if the client does not meet the pre-screening criteria upon physical presentation at the clinic.
  • 6 feet (2 meters) distance is required wherever possible in common areas of Phi.
  • Once entered into the treatment room, the Client and Therapist will do their best to maintain distance until the client is on the table if it is a Registered Massage Therapy treatment.
  • The client will be provided their own sanitized personal bin. Prior to the arrival of the client, that bin will have been stocked with every one-time use item that will be used for their session. Including:​
    • 1x sanitized face piece cover
    • 2x sanitized pillowcase for face piece
    • 2x sanitized sheets
    • 1 sanitized blanket
    • 1 hand towel for draping purposes
    • 1x cloth for door handle upon exiting session room (for client and therapist)
  • Once the client arrives to the treatment room, the bin will be empty.
  • Communication will then occur about what the client has decided to seek Therapy for.
  • For Registered Massage Therapy sessions, the Therapist will then leave the room to chart clients assessment interview, sanitize touch points, wash hands again and give time for the client to set up on treatment table.
  • Client will place all personal items in the bin provided.​

Treatment Protocol

All Therapies provided by Phi Massage & Well-Being Centre

  • Client may ask at any time that the therapist don any further PPE that is available. Including gloves, goggles or a face shield.
  • Client may ask at any time to use for themselves a sanitized face shield, new mask (at cost) or safety goggles.
  • Client has the option to ask questions at any time. 
  • Client will hand sanitize again post treatment. 

Specific to Registered Massage Therapy Treatment 

  • Upon re-entry of the therapist to the room to begin Registered Massage Therapy treatment, the therapist will confirm client is comfortable and make any adjustments necessary with previously sanitized equipment and materials. (ie. pillows, bolsters, heating pad, fan)
  • Client has the option to wear a mask while face down, or solely use the pillowcases placed under the face cradle. The Client must wear a face mask when face up. 
  • If client needs to use the restroom during treatment, sanitized bathrobes and slippers are available. 

After Treatment Protocol

  • Therapist immediately washes all surfaces of hands and arms that were used to contact client and begins charting the session.
  • Client may use cloth provided to open the door and exit treatment room.
  • Payment will be taken or discussed. If onsite payment is required, our sanitized POS systems will be used.
  • Receipt will be emailed upon payment.
  • Therapist will escort client out of Phi.

Adjusted Cancellation Protocol

The Client

  • Must cancel if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID -19 for on-site visits. If you have a counselling session booked please notify to transition to an online session. 
  • There will be no penalty for cancelling due to illness at any point including the 24 hour period before the treatment for onsite Registered Massage Therapy sessions.
  • If the client does not show up for treatment, and there is no attempt made to give notice, then the full fee of the missed appointment will stand to be paid.

The Therapist

  • Has the right to cancel any and all appointments made for the following reasons and will make every attempt to give as much notice as possible.
  • She, or someone in her household are experiencing mild, moderate or severe symptoms of COVID – 19.
  • She, or someone in her household has been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID – 19.
  • Client has allegedly caught COVID – 19 from the therapist and both are being investigated by Public Health.

Cleaning Protocol

  • There will be a HEPA air purifier running throughout the duration of the workday in the Reception/Waiting Area. There will be two running record logs of all cleaning activities.
  • Safe practice, as always mandates frequent and proper hand washing between every client. That means after a massage, before touching a client, after you touch your face, after using chemicals, after donning and doffing PPE, and after touching any other items and surfaces within the potentially contaminated area within the clinic. As is common practice all linens, blankets and hand towels are laundered after every use.

Cleaning Agents:

  • Hand Sanitizer – Zytec 70% Alcohol
  • ​Method Foaming Soap
  • Oxyclean Laundry Detergent
  • Disinfecting Agents are in accordance with the Government of Canada Approved List of Disinfectants with Evidence for Use Against COVID-19.
  • Simple Green D Pro 3 Plus – Active Ingredient – Benzalkonium Chloride, Didecyl Dimethyl Ethylbenzyl Ammonium. Contact time: 5-10 minutes
  • Lysol Wipes

Treatment Room

  • All one time use items are either thrown into the garbage or returned to the bin and sealed to be sanitized at the end of the work day.
  • To be cleaned with Lysol Wipes or Simple Green Pro 3 Plus: Table, face piece, rolling stool, light switch, door handles, pillows, table levers, sanitizer/oil/lotion bottles, laminated form, marker and clipboard
  • To be cleaned with Simple Green Pro 3 Plus or bleach diluted mixture: Floor, walls, door, windowsill, baseboard mouldings, shelves, personalized bins, chairs

Entrance/Reception/Waiting Areas

  • To be cleaned with Lysol Wipes or Simple Green Pro 3 Plus: Door handles, light switches, filing cabinets, keyboard, POS pad, desk and table surfaces
  • To be cleaned with Simple Green Pro 3 Plus or bleach diluted mixture: Floor, walls, closet doors, baseboard mouldings, chairs


  • To be cleaned with Lysol Wipes or Simple Green Pro 3 Plus: Toilet, full sink & counter, soap/towel dispenser, baseboard heater, door handles
  • To be cleaned with Simple Green Pro 3 Plus or bleach diluted mixture: Mirror, walls, baseboard mouldings, door, garbage can


​Please Note: This is a living document subject to change.

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