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Shylo’s journey into the healing arts began with a series of hospitalizations throughout her 20’s. Her life experiences helped her develop a deeply compassionate nature. Striving to find balance in her life, she studied various healing modalities and was particularly drawn to yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In 2003, she completed her yoga teacher training in Squamish, BC. In 2005, she trained in California, receiving certification to both practice and teach bodymind acupressure. During this same year, she also completed her yin yoga teacher training. 

In 2006, Shylo began her studies of TCM in Vancouver, BC. Inspired by what she had learned, she opened a wellness collective in Parksville, BC where she practiced and collaborated with other practitioners of various modalities. Her interest in TCM drew her back into her studies and from 2015-2017 she completed the pre-requisites required to return to acupuncture college, graduating with honours from Camosun College’s Arts and Sciences Diploma Program. From 2017-2020, Shylo studied TCM at Oshio College in Victoria, graduating from the program in 2020. 

Shylo’s existing practice is a fusion of acupuncture, basic counselling skills, acupressure, and yoga. She treats with an open heart and an intuitive approach to healing and her treatments are infused with her deep love of nature. She has a general practice with a particular interest in treating mental emotional health and has seen good results in the treatment of anxiety and sleep disorders. She also enjoys helping people navigate major life transitions and work through imprinted trauma patterns in the bodymind.


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